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An open letter to Mark Manson




Posting on Facebook everytime you post on Miiverse

Hey guys! Nintendo is amazing, we all know that, but sometimes it lacks some cool features that we all need, like integrating Miiverse to social medias. But that’s ok, we have a workaround using kimonolabs, a company that transforms any data in any websit into API, and with that we can work in advanced integration between Miiverse and social medias.

I made a video, which in my opinion end up too long, so I also made a basic list of what you want to do.


1 – Create an account in
2 – Install the kimonolabs extension to your browser or add it’s script to your bookmark tab.
3 – Acess
4 – Create two data fields for your API, one called “post-image” with the post image and other called “post-text” with the post text and configure the API to be updated hourly.
5 – Host the script in your host ( free hosting / no ads).
6 – Get the APIKEY and APICODE from kimonolabs and access http://YOURWEBSITE.COM/?apicode=APICODE&apikey=APIKEY to check if everything is OK.
7 – Create an account in and create a trigger to get all the RSS Feed data from your URL (http://YOURWEBSITE.COM/?apicode=APICODE&apikey=APIKEY) and choose Facebook Image Post as action.
8 – Be happy.


Google Flights OP

currently only available in portuguese


Hands-On Splatoon Global Testfire (Wii U) – 09/05/15


Magento multi-store: Hidding Admin’s login page

Sup guys. The other day I was messing around my Magento multi-store configuration and I realize that all my domains could acess the backend login page, like in or or Not that this is a problem, but what if I didn’t want all my stores to have acess to this page? Well, that’s not a problem for Magento, you can easily manage that using Store View and I’m gonna show you guys how to do it.

(sorry, screenshots only in portuguese)

First go to Catalog -> URL Rewrites


Click on Add New URL Rewrite.


Now select “Custom” on “URL Rewrite” and you will have a few options. “Type” will be “Custom” as you selected previosly, now on Store select the Store View of the store you don’t want to allow acessing the backend login page, on “ID Path” and “Request Path” write “admin” or whatever is the backend login page for your store, on “Target Path” write “no-route” (this will redirect to a 404 page) and “Redirect” select “no”.


So that’s it. Simple, right? Now everytime somebody tries to acess /admin on this Store View, it will be redirect to a 404 page. This is a great solution if you want to have only one main domain to access the backend and leave all the other stores to simple do it’s purpose – to sell stuffs.

See you next time.


Trip to LA – E3 2014

Mais um ano tive o privilégio de participar da cobertura da E3 para o Game Blast, e fiz um vídeozinho resumindo como foi nossa viagem.